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The Atlanta Declaration: A 21st Century Vision For US-Based Global Noncommunicable Disease Research

The “Atlanta Declaration” emerged from the September 2014 US Investigators’ Global Non-Communicable Diseases Research Network Symposium held at Emory University. Participants, including the authors of this post, established the Global Noncommunicable Disease Network to chart a course for creatively supporting the next generation of scientists in the global NCD arena.

Sandeep Kishore, John Bartlett, Gerald Bloomfield, et al
- Health Affairs Blog
September 9, 2015

WHO Takes a Big Step to Promote Cancer Treatment Worldwide

Even in countries like the USA, where the most current cancer treatments are readily available, cost is a serious barrier. In lower-income settings, pricey cancer medications can be impossible to obtain. We discuss the expansion of WHO’s “essential medicines” list to include some high-priced cancer medications and the potential impact it may have on accessibility.

Jordan Jarvis and Sandeep Kishore
-  The Lancet United States of Health Blog
May 18, 2015