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The Atlanta Declaration: A 21st Century Vision For US-Based Global Noncommunicable Disease Research

The “Atlanta Declaration” emerged from the September 2014 US Investigators’ Global Non-Communicable Diseases Research Network Symposium held at Emory University. Participants, including the authors of this post, established the Global Noncommunicable Disease Network to chart a course for creatively supporting the next generation of scientists in the global NCD arena.

Sandeep Kishore, John Bartlett, Gerald Bloomfield, et al
- Health Affairs Blog
September 9, 2015

Designing the Doctor of the Future

What are the expectations that we, and our patients, have about how we practice medicine in the 21st century? The short answer is we don’t know yet — but the conversation has begun.

Jacob Scott, Ali Ansary, and Sandeep Kishore
- The Health Care Blog
April 14, 2013

Supporting the Next Generation of Product Developers: The Trainee Perspective

We have grown increasingly frustrated by a university system that fails to reward engagement with the totality of the neglected-disease agenda, including policy and non-traditional scholarship. Here we highlight some of the key issues and attempt to offer a few suggestions for change.

Sandeep Kishore and Sara Crager
- Results for Development Institute: Center for Global Health R&D
October 12, 2010